Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'd like to start The Wonderful Wallaby Knit Along. If anyone is interest in jioning in please let me know.

P.S. I'm trying to give you an excuse to go yarn shopping
The new and improved version of Knit from your stash (aka The Yarn Diet)

1. Runs from January 1, 2007 to September 30, 2007
Amendment, if you didn't know about it until now, like myself, start date is January 15th. That leaves ample time to stock up (seems only fair)
2. All original rules #2 remain in effect

The adjustments are:
If your husband is, just a for instance, going into have surgery next week, naturally you'll be concerned. Concern buys you a pass, again only fair. I think Florence Nightingale would be in agreement.

If you have gotten some amazing knitting books for Christmas and don't have the proper yarn, you get a pass. Do you really think it would be nice to insult the gift giver? I think not.

If you are knitting for The Lone Knitter's Blanket Contest and have tons of sock yarn but no DK or worsted (at least not enough for a blanket), once again you get a pass.

Should you decide, as I did, to start making gifts for next Christmas (since I usually think of it in late October when time is running out) again you get a pass. After all why shouldn't your mom have that great silk scarf and I'm sure nieces, nephews, you own children and grandchildren are all looking forward to The Wonderful Wallaby (the hooded sweater by Cottage Creations)-----so it's time to make your list and GO SHOPPING.

If a new neighbor moves in wouldn't it be nice to march up and introduce yourself with a lovely housewarming and welcome to the neighborhood gift; the Mason Dixon Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. Again, you're going to need yarn. (I had to add that one , daughter number 3 just moved into a new house and daughter number 4 is in the process of buying their first house and that's my "Special Mom" gift, and I don't have the colors that go with their decor)

OOPS!! Almost forgot, if it's your birthday, you get to buy whatever yarn you'd like.

All in all, I think the new and improved Wool Watcher's diet will work. Don't you??