Thursday, January 18, 2007

Try, Try Again!!!!
Still no luck with getting my pictures on my blog. It is so discouraging because I followed my adapted version of the yarn diet and have received all but one of my orders and there are so many pretty colors to show you. Then because my husband had surgery on Tuesday, I was allowed another pass, so I took full advantage. Is there such a thing as yarn gluttony??? I'm beginning to worry and perhaps I am just a compulsive buyer who will never have enough of a stash to feel content. I managed to finish a baby blanket for the lone knitter's blanket drive and I started another as I sat waiting for my husband to come out of surgery, so much better than pacing the halls.
It's a drab January day and winter has finally arrived, however late, with the temperatures in the teens last night and this morning. I'm looking out at the garden and Mother Nature is making a lame attempt at snow, just a few flakes which are melting as they fall on the brick terrace. Funny one of the yarns that arrived today is called "Spring", it's by Artyarns and it a lovely combination of pinks and greens. I promised myself that I will stick to a schedule, a knitting schedule that is, and I'm already behind, so much to make, so few hands. If I'm not turning out completed projects , how can I justify (even to myself) any more yarn purchases. I have it in my head that I HAVE to make shawls for my two little granddaughters to wear to their First Communions in May, but how can I bring any more wool into this house, I'm out of hiding spots. Anyone happen to know of a pretty pattern, child size, for a shawl, cape or shrug??? Will continue attempting to post photos, I think I may have to go back to my PC.