Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I think that it is time for me to establish some rules regarding my knitting and blogging life. I think I have OCD as far as both are concerned. Yesterday morning, my husband (from now on known as The Silver Fox), who is recovering from surgery, had a problem with his incision and had to go to the emergency room. It’s not normal to think, heh, maybe I can fix this myself, ER means the day is shot. As three surgeons hovered over him, my mind was on how badly my plans for the day were off schedule. This is not a nice person thinking this!! I’ve spent so much time in the hospital this year that they no longer need to ask our name and the little café stand in the lobby knows that’s it’s a venti latte, whole milk, two splendas, not a good sign. The Silver Fox is fine, and no I could not have fixed it myself, but my day never got back on track, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning trying to play catch up. I’m ashamed to admit that when I took his prescription to be filled and they told me it was a thirty minute wait, I opted to run into the yarn shop, rather than go all the way home and have to drive all the way back into town (town is 7 minutes from my house). I NEEDED a beginner’s knitting book for one of my daughter’s and I spied a sale basket of yarn, $2 a skein!!! Can you believe that, I grabbed up some, perfect for her to practice on. I found two skeins of Muench Tessin in a cute yellow multi, a skein of Rowan Tweed, in sienna, a skein of Filatura di Crosa, Zarabella in a pastel print, and last but not least a skein of Reynolds Utopia in a bright green. I asked why only $2, seems that the dyes lots changed or the ballband had come off. I think she’ll enjoy trying different things with it.

Now to the rules I have set up for myself:
No knitting or computer until:
Beds are made, showering done, completely dressed, kitchen straightened, laundry in, if there is any ironing from the” no dryer allowed” group, just do it, trash out, make sure dinner is given some thought (I’m notorious for forgetting to take things from the freezer, until daylight starts to dwindle, and I find myself with a frozen block of chicken or chops). Then and only then can I get down to serious business, knitting.

For The Lone Knitter’s blanket drive:
Blue and white baby blanket
8 X8 squares in primary colors for a little boy’s blanket
Pink and white blanket for a little girl’s blanket
For Warming Grace:
Pink print squares
Blue print aquares
For Knit a square for Grandma Purl:
Finish squares (not a good idea to do four squares at once on the same needle in four different color of yarn, to much tangling)

Waiting in the wings to be started:
For family:
Moderene Log Blanket (Mason-Dixon pattern) for my third daughter’s new house
Rambling Rows Blanket (Cottage Creations) for my fourth daughter’s new house
8 Wonderful Wallaby Sweaters (Cottage Creations) for my grandchildren
Socks for the Silver Fox
Purl Scarf for oldest daughter
Purl scarf for my second daughter’
Ivy sweater for my youngest daughter (élann ran out of the proper yarn)
A tweed scarf for my son
Irish Hiking Scarf for ME
A blanket of the shades of green that you see as you fly over Ireland (it always reminds me of a beautiful quilt, so I need to capture that) for my sister, complete with Celtic knots. (having trouble getting all the greens I need)
An afghan for my sister’s new home, she has become the Californian Dreamer.

The list is daunting and there is more!