Sunday, October 14, 2007

My knitting has taken a back seat to my fledging business venture The Cupcake Cottage. This little business idea was born about 18 months ago, and never went further then an idea on paper when my sister was diagnosed with cancer. It came alive again with a bang when I was asked to cater a corporate event in mid-September, since then I've done two more events. I did not envision my "little venture" ever doing more than baking cupcakes for children's birthday parties. It took on a life of its own and I'll hang in there for as long as I can, catering for 50 requires more man hours than I have, but the big check is a nice reward at the end of three days of no sleep. I found it impossible to knit a few rows between batches of desserts--believe me I tried it. I have no grandiose plans, Martha Stewart won't have any competition from me and Magnolia Bakery can take a deep breathe they are in no danger of me opening a bakery a block down from them. If nothing else, it's shown me my limitations.
I am now looking forward to getting back to my needles. I have a poncho for daughter number 2 started, she asked for it and I planned to have it ready for her birthday, well I missed that, so now I have to put in overtime. I have so many things that I plan on knitting for Christmas, I'm excited about getting my groove back. I have severe arthritis in my hands, I've found it annoying over the years (had it since I was a kid), the latest flare up has been painful enough for me to see an orthopedist, who then sent me to a rheumotoligist, she claims the repetitive motion of knitting makes my hands worse. I've taken her advise and my hands are worse, so I'm going back to knitting to prove my theory that keeping them moving is the best therapy. Any tthoughts on that?? Okay, now I'm off to my comfy chair to knit up a poncho (all talk no action will get me nowhere). Happy Sunday!! And NO there is nothing for dessert!
Still at it!
Two shades of pink poncho and Wallaby without the hood.